Laboratories – EED

Academics and students from the Electrical Engineering Department work together to solve complex problems using state-of-the-art technologies. For this, the EED has an infrastructure of excellence that allows the adequate development of its research activities.

Accumulator Laboratory

ASTROLAB (Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves Laboratory)

Astrophotonics Laboratory (Photonics)

Imagen alusiva Laboratorio de Compatibilidad Electromagnetica y AT - DIE

Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

Imagen alusiva Laboratorio de Comunicaciones Avanzadas - DIE

Advanced Systems Communications Laboratory (Wireless and Mobile Communication Systems)

Advanced Control Laboratory I

Advanced Control Laboratory II

Imagen alusiva Laboratorio de Electronica, Potencia, Accionamientos y GeneracionDistribuida

Power Electronics, Actuators and Distributed Generation Laboratory

Information and Decision Laboratory, IDS (Information and Decision Systems Group, IDS)

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Computational Intelligence Laboratory

Imagen alusiva para el Laboratorio de Interacciones Electromecanicas - DIE

Electromechanical Interactions Laboratory

Energy Research and Development Laboratory

VPT Laboratory (Voice Processing and Transmission)

Microgrids Laboratory

Undergraduate Laboratory

Postgraduate Laboratory

Digital Image Processing Laboratory

SPEL (Space and Planetary Exploration Laboratory)

Computer Vision Laboratory

Imagen alusiva para el Laboratorio de 5G - DIE

5G Laboratory