ASTROLAB (Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves)

This laboratory designs, builds, and tests instrumentation for use in radio astronomy with a focus on academic activities and technological research. It is made up of a heterogeneous group of astronomers, engineers, technicians and students, with joint experience ranging from decameter to submillimeter techniques.

Develop projects related to millimeter wave receivers in collaboration with various groups abroad. Together with the Astrophotonics and SPEL Laboratories, it integrates the Astronomical Instrumentation Group.

    • Design software: high frequency structure simulator, ansoft designer, topsolid, microwave studio.


    • Construction: 5-axis precision CNC lathe (1 micrometer precision), bonding machine.


    • Measurement and testing: vector network analyzer (10 kHz to 50 GHz), spectrum analyzer (10 kHz to 110 GHz), signal generator up to 40 GHz and multipliers up to 120 GHz, test station for DC and RF measurements on microdevices and chips.
        • 2012 — ALMA Fund Grant # 31120005 (2 years); IP: L. Bronfman; CoI: F.P. Mena; “Extending the Frequency Coverage of ALMA Band 1: Development of Key Components”.


        • FONDECYT Regular 2012 (3 years); PI: F.P. Mena; CoI: M. Diaz; “New receiver technology for the Southern Millimeter Wave Telescope”.


        • 2011 — Support for the scientific infrastructure of research centers (1 year); IP: L. Bronfman; CoI: F. P. Mena, “Astronomical Instrumentation”.


        • 2010 — ESO Joint Committee (1 year); IP: F.P. Ore; “Strengthening of teaching and research in astronomical instrumentation at Universidad de Chile with the use of professional simulation software”.


        • 2009 — Gemini-Conicyt Fund (2 years); IP: L. Bronfman; CoI: F. P. Mena, “Enhancing a 1.2 m mm-wave Telescope at Cerro Calán for training and research”.


        • 2008 — ALMA Fund Grant # 31080018 (2 years); PI: F.P. Mena; “A radio interferometer design and construction, for know-how acquisition, training, and teaching experiences design, at the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Chile”.


        • 2009 — ALMA Fund Grant # 31080003 (1 year); IP: L. Bronfman; CoI: F.P. Mena; “Construction of an anechoic chamber for beam pattern measurements at ~ 40 GHz”


        • 2008 — Basal Financing Program for Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence (5 years); IP: L. Bronfman; “Center for Astrophysics and Technologies — Astronomical Instrumentation Line”.
        Profesor Marcos Orchard. Universidad de Chile. FCFM .DIE

        Prof. Tomas Cassanelli

        Responsible Academic