Master’s Degree in Engineering Sciences, Electrical Mention

The Electrical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Universidad de Chile seeks to generate environments that motivate and stimulate the development of the skills of its students, for which it has a first class infrastructure, teaching laboratories and computer rooms, so that students become familiar with current instruments and systems, and at the same time with the learning of the different disciplines of electrical engineering.

The Electrical Engineering Department has a space dedicated to academic excellence and innovative research, with modern facilities ranging from classrooms equipped for lectures to specialized teaching laboratories, providing an optimal environment for academic development.

The Master’s program offers access to state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, as well as a series of research laboratories that support various lines of research. These laboratories are equipped with the most advanced technology, promoting cutting-edge research in the field of Electrical Engineering.


Master in Engineering Sciences, Electrical Mention




Accredited for 8 years, from September 13, 2023 to September 2031, by the “Comisión Nacional de Acreditación” (CNA-Chile).



– 75 UF by each semester

– Tuition Value 2023 $177.300.-



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Prof. César Azurdia Meza (Coordinator)

Prof. Rodrigo Moreno.

Prof. Pablo Estévez.

Prof. Claudio Pérez.

Prof. Roberto Cárdenas.



Andrés Caba Rutte

Head of Studies

+56 2 2978 4927


Loreto Soto

+562  2978 4207

Third floor


Autumn 2024 applications (first semester): From September 15 to November 15, 2023.

Spring 2024 applications (second semester): From May 13 to June 14, 2024, to enter into the second semester of 2024.

(upload all required background information, including letters of recommendation in this period).


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Graduate Profile:

The graduates of the Master in Engineering Sciences, Electrical mention, acquire tools that allow them to develop scientific research, in order to propose, from Electrical Engineering, new solutions to complex problems. The graduates are specialists who demonstrate originality in the application of knowledge through the approach and resolution of problems from Electrical Engineering. Graduates are prepared to carry out academic work and research (theoretical and applied) in specialized institutes and universities, as well as in industry. In addition, graduates are prepared to continue studies in doctoral programs.



The objective of the Master’s Degree in Engineering Sciences, Electrical Mention, from the University of Chile is to provide advanced training in Electrical Engineering sciences that enables its graduates to address complex problems in a systematic and creative way. In this way, they will be able to make innovative contributions in scientific and technological fields from the discipline of Electrical Engineering. At the same time, it contributes to generating specialized human capital under the standards of academic excellence that characterize the University of Chile. The research lines of the program are:

  • Energy.
  • Systems Control.
  • Astronomical Instrumentation.
  • Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Computational Intelligence and Robotics.

Specific goal:

  • Train specialists with solid knowledge in advanced topics of Electrical Engineering.
  • Develop in our graduates skills for scientific research.
  • Enable our graduates to work at the frontier of knowledge solving complex problems through Electrical Engineering.


The Study Plan of the Program has a total load of 120 credits, where one (1) credit is equivalent to 27 hours of total work by a student.

Elective Courses 60 credits
Thesis Work I 30 credits
Thesis Work II 30 credits
TOTAL 120 Credits

Students may request recognition of academic activities by validating courses equivalent to level 6000 or 7000 (Postgraduate elective courses) from other Departments and/or Universities with which there are agreements on this subject. For this, the student may request prior authorization from the Postgraduate Committee.

Requirements for Admission

Those who hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences, an Electrical mention and/or a University Professional Degree or equivalent training degree granted by a Higher Education entity, national or foreign, whose level, content and duration of studies correspond to an equivalent training, as determined by the Academic Committee of the Program, may apply to the Master’s Program in Electrical Engineering Sciences, mention in Electrical Engineering.

Documents required for the application

The selection process requires the presentation of the following documents:

  1. Certificate of title or university degree (bachelor’s degree).
  2. Transcript of undergraduate studies with relative position (original or legalized photocopy).
  3. Certificate of relative position in your generation.
  4. Curriculum vitae.
  5. Program of relevant undergraduate courses for the evaluation of the level of training, according to the requirements of the program to which you apply. Students from the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics are not required to present this documentation.
  6. Updated Academic Information Bulletin (BIA) (only students from U. de Chile).
  7. Motivation letter to enter the program justifying the choice of the Master’s program, specifying the thematic area of ​​the application as well as the prioritized choice of possible guide professors.
  8. Two letters of recommendation.

If necessary, the Academic Committee of the Program may request other complementary information for the study of the application.