Astrophotonics Laboratory (Photonics)

It conducts photonic instrumentation research for astronomical instrumentation in the sub-millimeter and infrared range.

1550nm fiber optic components, vis-2000nm free space optics, super-stable fiber optic laser, diode lasers for 800-1630 nm, fiber optic amplifier (5W), microwave synthesizer 0.5 –20 GHz, microwave amplifiers , sub-mm and terahertz detectors (for room temperature (Golay-cell) and cryogenic, cold head), microwave spectrometer, high resolution Olympus microscope (limited by diffraction), 2 35 cm Dobsonian optical telescopes. of diameters, ROACH platform (to perform correlator), clean room air filters, equipment borrowed from ALMA.

  • Fondecyt 1090306, 2009-2013, PI, Development and Characterization Of Photonic Traveling-Wave Mixer Structures As Efficient Continuous-Wave Terahertz Radiation Sources.
  • ALMA-Conicyt 31080020, PI, Setup and Strengthening of a terahertz photonicas laboratory for radio astronomical instrumentantion at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Chile.
  • ALMA-Conicyt 31090018, PI, Experimental Feasibility Study of Fiber-based Infrared Heterodyne Interferometry in Chile.
  • ALMA-Conicyt 31110014, PI, Development of a highly tuneable terahertz source to support radio-astronomical instrumentation development in Chile and interstellar spectroscopy with ALMA.