Double Doctorate Degree Between The University of Chile and The University of Manchester


The program allows to obtain the degree of “Doctor(a) in Electrical Engineering”, awarded by both the University of Chile and the University of Manchester.

The objective of the program is for students to carry out frontier research collaboratively with researchers/supervisors from both universities.


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Professor Rodrigo Moreno

University of Chile

The double degree program represents an exciting new development in the collaboration between our two institutions. Building on the impressive joint research that has already been carried out, the new program will see the partnership consolidated through the co-supervision of talented postgraduate researchers. Transnational education takes many forms, but what makes this program different and exciting is the way it goes beyond the standard concept of progression from one institution to another. The association and interrelationship are tangible throughout the duration of the program:

  • The definition of doctoral projects is a collaborative process in which the supervisors of both institutions participate.
  • Both institutions participate in the selection of candidates for the program
  • The joint supervision team is maintained throughout the program and both institutions control its evolution.
  • The evaluation is carried out annually by a joint panel with internal examiners from both institutions
  • Upon completion of the program, both institutions will issue degree certificates that reference the award per degree.

By spending two years at each institution, postgraduate researchers in this program will benefit from the collective expertise of the joint supervision team, as well as the research facilities and infrastructure of two world-renowned institutions. Of course, they will also benefit from the cultural experience of conducting research in two different countries.​

To join this Double Doctoral Degree program between the University of Chile and the University of Manchester, applicants must submit separate applications to the regular PhD programs in Electrical Engineering at the University of Chile and the University of Manchester. In both applications, the intention to study the Dual Doctorate Degree program between the University of Chile and the University of Manchester must be indicated.

Applicants can seek funding through the ANID National Doctoral Scholarship, Chile. This is the same instrument that is used to finance studies in the regular PhD program at the University of Chile.

Before making both applications, it is recommended to contact the Coordinator of the Dual Doctoral Degree program, Prof. Rodrigo Moreno.