VPT Laboratory (Voice Processing and Transmission)

At the VPT (Voice Processing and Transmission Laboratory) research and development is carried out on: recognition and verification of the noise- and channel-robust speaker; CAPT (Computer Aided Pronunciation Tasks); Internet QoS and signal processing applied to mining, volcanology.

The VPT has a network of PCs, DSP cards and softwares.

  • PI. “Center for Multidisciplinary Research on Signal Processing”, Anillo Ciencia y Tecnología, Conicyt, December 2012-December 2015. US$950.000.
  • Co-PI. “Desarrollo de un sensor continuo de tamaño de burbujas para el proceso de flotación de minerales”, CORFO 1IDL2-10687. PI, Prof. Willy Kracht. US$ 50.000.
  • PI, “Robust speech pattern recognition on telephone and education applications”. Conicyt/Fondecyt-Chile. From March 2010 to March 2013. US$ 150.000.
  • PI, “Research on adaptation and compensation techniques for speech and speaker recognition”. Conicyt/Fondecyt-Chile. From March 2007 to March 2010. US$ 64.000.
  • PI, “ICT technologies for language learning and edutainment in Internet”. Conicyt/Fondef-Chile. From March 2007 to December 2009.

Prof. Néstor Becerra Yoma

Responsible Academic