Robotics Laboratory

The Robotics Laboratory develops research activities in mobile robotics and computer vision, working mainly on aspects of perception, self-localization, navigation, manipulation, real-time control of movements, learning, simulation of mobile robots, face detection and recognition.

The laboratory has two robotics teams, the first is made up of a service robot and the second a robotic soccer team, both teams regularly participate in the RoboCup world championship.

  • Robot Bender
  • 5 NAO robots
  • Hexapod robots
  • Bipedal robot
  • Computer equipment
  • Sensors such as Kinects, lasers, various types of cameras, sonars, etc.
    • NAOS Robotics Team: Robotic Soccer: Learning complex behaviors using mobile robots.

    • Homebreakers Robotics Team: Service Robot: People detection and recognition, manipulation, people tracking, navigation.

    • 3D reconstruction using webcam and points of interest.

    • Reinforced learning for mobile robots.

    Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar

    Electrical Engineering Department

    Universidad de Chile