Power Electronics, Actuators and Distributed Generation Laboratory

Control of electrical machines, generation of electric power at variable speed, novel topologies of power converters, digital control based on DSP processors and generation systems based on renewable energy.
    • High speed digital processors (1350 MFLOPs) and high capacity FPGAs.


    • Five high performance digital oscilloscopes, isolated hall effect probes for current and voltage measurement; three motor-generator groups for the emulation of wind turbines and diesel generators.


    • Six work tables for the implementation of experimental prototypes by the students, a complete welding station including two inspection microscopes, five modern computers.


    • Three-phase and single-phase power quality analyzers and approximately 8 power converters for the implementation of generation systems such as micro/mini networks and others.
      • Efficient Applications of Lithium Batteries in Storage, Traction and Renewable Energies Conicyt REDENERG-0002 International cooperation.


      • Control of an open-end winding induction machine via an indirect matrix converter, Fondecyt Regular 1121104.


      • Equipment for Hybrid Generation Systems Fondequip EQM120111.


      • Control Systems And Modulation Techniques For a Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Matrix Converter Topology Fondecyt Regular 1110984.

      Roberto Cárdenas D.

      Responsible Academic

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