Energy and Drives Laboratory

Investigating the potential associated with non-conventional renewable energies and their insertion both in electrical systems and in isolated microgrids.

In addition, various types of non-conventional renewable generation are validated, generating the appropriate experimental conditions through the facilities, being able to study their systemic impact in a microgrid located in the premises.

The laboratory has a microgrid of six bars of concentrated parameters associated with a SCADA system in conjunction with various test loads (motors, capacitors, resistors) and measurement instruments such as network analyzers.

In addition, it has a wind tunnel with a wind generator, a solar tracking system with 10 100 [W] monocrystalline silicon panels (located on the roof) connected to a 4600 [W] grid tie inverter.

Among other equipment, it has multimeters, power supplies, oscilloscopes and electronic components in general.

    • Solar tracking system in Department of Electrical Engineering, U. de Chile

    • Huatacondo microgrid

    • Microformer

    • Eolian project
    Profesor y Subdirector Patricio Mendoza Universidad de Chile. FCFM .DIE

    Dr. Patricio Mendoza

    Electrical Engineering Department

    Universidad de Chile