Electronics Laboratory

The Electronics Laboratory is available for the development of empirical activities of teaching and research character, of careers taught at FCFM. This space has a large catalog of active and passive components, miselaniums, sensors and development boards available for use. It has 18 stations equipped with oscilloscope, power supply, function generator and measuring instruments, which allow the generation, measurement and visualization of electrical signals.

Courses such as EL3101 Analysis and Design of Electrical Circuits, EL3102 Digital Systems, EL3105 Electrical Engineering and Technological Innovation Seminar, EL3202 Analog Electrical Circuits, EL4102 Computer Architecture, EL5004 Design Workshop, EL5002 Digital Systems Laboratory, ME55B Fundamentals of Instrumentation, AS3201 Experimental Astronomy, among others, are developed in this space.

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Sources of power
  • Function generator
  • Multimeters
  • Welding stations
  • Computers with electrical circuit simulation software
  • Electronic components
  • FPGA
  • Development boards
  • Luxometer
  • Tellurometer
  • PCB router and milling machine
  • FT02 forced convection reflow oven
  • Oven soldering BGA of component
  • Sound amplifier

Karina Ávila

Electrotechnologies Laboratories Coordinator

Universidad de Chile