Electromovility Laboratory (EOLIAN Project)

The Eolian solar car project is a student initiative with 16 years of experience, whose objective is to promote sustainability and electromobility.

The work team is interdisciplinary, made up of students from the University of Chile, from the Electrical, Mechanical, Industries, Chemistry and Computing Civil Engineering careers of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and from the Design career of the Faculty of Architecture. and Urbanism, and students from the Faculty of Economics and Business.

The first solar vehicle in Latin America is the Eolian 1, which was presented in the “World Solar Challenge” competition in Australia, obtaining position number 14.

In 2007, the Eolian Fénix was developed, being the first solar car to travel almost 2,000 km from Santiago to Arica. His average speed was 60km/h, and his top speed was 100km/h. El Fénix was visited and valued by the president at the time, Michelle Bachelet.

With the aim of innovating, in 2008, the sixth version “Eolian Áuriga” began. It holds the title of being the first solar car with capacity for four passengers that has been built in Latin America. It can reach a speed of 90km/h, and with a single charge, it is capable of traveling from Santiago to Temuco. It has a total of 2043 batteries, which are distributed in 2016 of 100V and 27 of 12V.

In 2023, the Eolian Fénix is ​​presented for the first time on Heritage Day, thus demonstrating a social commitment.

You can have more information about the project in the following link: Eolian, the solar car of the University of Chile

Dr. Rodrigo Palma

Electrical Engineering Department

Universidad de Chile